Pablo Picasso

A beautifully curated collection from the master of Modern Art: Pablo Picasso. We have a wonderful collection of Picasso lithographs for sale through the online gallery. We are also able to source most works from Picasso, including etchings, linocuts, lithographs and signed Picasso prints. Most of the Picasso artwork for sale in our collection has been sourced from auctions and private collectors and many of the works are sold with a signed and dated certificate of provenance. We only stock official Picasso lithographs and prints.

Picasso was unquestionably one of the most prolific printmakers of all time. His ability to master any technique, from etching and linocuts to lithography and aquatint, has earned him a distinguished place in the history of printmaking.

He worked with Atelier Mourlot for a good deal of his printing career, producing over four hundred different editions. The bold, exciting colours and images of the lithographs are unique to Picasso; and have become hugely collectable and affordable works on paper. Picasso expressed himself in many ways through the method of lithography, creating and experimenting with his own techniques.

Picasso also worked closely with Hidalgo Arnéra in his Vallauris studio, in the south of France. Experimenting with different printing methods and inks. They collaborated and developed the reduction printing technique: reduction linoleum which allowed a multi-layer print to be produced from a single block. Reduction linocuts involve using a single block to print layers of ink and cutting the block between successive printings.

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