Azilal Carpet 150 x 250cm


Azilal Carpet  150 x 250cm

Our tapis are hand selected by Rhoko in Marrakech and Essaouira. This carpet has been made first for a private use, not directly for the market or export.

Completely unique rug crafted in a region located in the remote and hard to reach High Atlas mountains.
They are hand knotted from raw wool and dyed wool. Each Azilal rug contains a tale of its weaver. An abstract composition which is a wonderful expression of the natural environment and of the daily life of it’s weaver.

Traditionally, Moroccan tribal weavings were made exclusively by women and solely for personal use. Dense pile rugs serve not only as floor coverings but as mattresses, seating and even blankets during winter months in the harsh atmosphere of the Atlas Mountains.

Year: 1990

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