Feldspar Ash Candle



This 100% natural scented candle has a scent inspired by campfires at dusk, filled with the sweet and woody scent of burning the local Ash wood. A restorative candle, spiced and musky.  With a base of smoky vetiver and a heart of sweet rosewood, this luxurious scent has top notes of uplifting mandarin and is made entirely of pure essential oils – no synthetic chemical fragrance blends.

The hand-poured soy wax candle is housed in a fine bone china vessel, lightly dimpled and particularly thin-walled to allow the glow of the lit candle to illuminate the container, creating a soft glowing lantern effect. The container is fully glazed to ensure it is completely reusable when the candle within is finished.

– Restorative, spiced fragrance
– Lantern-like glow when lit
– 100% natural product
– Plant based wax
– Pure essential oil blend
– No chemicals or synthetic ingredients
– Candle hand-poured in Devon
– Fine bone china container
– Container handmade in Stoke-on-Trent
– Fully reusable container
– Gift-boxed in a beautiful embossed bright white box made from Colorplan paper milled in the Lake District
– Comes with Feldspar matches
– 200g/7oz
– Burn time 50+ hours