Georges Braque


Georges Braque Mourlot Lithograph – Les Peintres Temoins de leur Temps, Musee Galliera

This Georges Braque Mourlot lithograph is a poster for an annual exhibition at the Musée Galliéra, 1961 – Entitled: The Painters: Witnesses of their Time. The theme that year was to celebrate the wealth of France. Under the patronage of General De Gaulle, President of the Republic. This poster depicts a perfect image to represent this theme- a reproduction of the Louvre ceiling fresco which Braque was famously commissioned to paint in 1953. ‘The Birds’ is still on permanent display at the museum.

Comes with a signed and dated certificate of provenance. 

Medium: Stone Lithograph

Dimensions: 74.9 x 54.6 cm

Year: 1961

Printers: Mourlot, Paris

Condition: A