Jude Jelfs Aphrodite Figure Vessel



Aphrodite by Jude Jelfs

A wonderful example of Jude Jelfs sculpture in ceramic.
Hand slab-built earthenware, with vitreous slips built up in layers. She decorates the forms using sgraffito: a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour, typically done in plaster, or in slip on ceramics before firing. The surface is a waxed silk finish. The inside of the vessels are glazed with a lead-free white glaze and will hold water for flowers.

Created in her studio Cotswold Pottery, which she shares with her husband. Jude Jelfs studied Fine Art, and became a potter when she married John. Her hand-built ceramics combine pottery with painting and sculpture; they range from flat, almost two-dimensional, slab-built vessels, in earthenware or porcelain. Her work is mainly figurative in form, with some pieces made in editions or series whilst others are one-offs.

Add a Jude Jelfs sculpture to your ceramic collection.

Height 9 Inch