Kana x Rhoko Wine Cooler


Seaweed Green Wine Cooler

Kana x Rhoko ceramic wine cooler is part of a special collaboration with Kana London. We wanted to create a set of functional ceramics that embraced a forever love of cheese and wine.

The beautiful wine cooler is the perfect size to house a bottle of wine and ice. It can also double up as a vase when not being used for wine. It looks wonderful with fluffy pampas grass.

Approximate size: 26cm x 16cm

Kana London is the ceramic production company of Ana Kerin. Adopting techniques from her sculpture and fine art background she has adapted her tactile, hand built aesthetic into functional ceramics.

Ana’s approach to her work is experimental and playful, never following a procedure, and inventing new creations daily. She works with a unique mixture of clays and her own glazes. Every piece is hand built, rather than produced on the wheel, which adds to the original charm of each individual object.

All of Kana’s work is: stoneware, food safe glazed, made from durable materials & suitable for use in the oven & dish washer (though, as with any precious ceramics, we would advise hand washing and avoiding frequent oven use).