Karen Ctorza Grande Oiseau


Ceramic Bird Vessel, Vallauris

Rhoko is proud to add the wonderful work of Karen Ctorza to our ceramic collection. This playful piece is made from white earthenware clay, decorated with a black glaze and sgraffitto. A large sculptural vase which would bring joy to any home.

25 x 35cm

A magnificent bird vase in homage to the ceramics of Pablo Picasso. From 1946, Picasso spent time in the pottery studio Madoura, Vallauris. He was hosted by potters Suzanne and Georges Ramié, in 24 years he produced over 633 pieces of ceramic art.

Karen studied ceramics in Vallauris and went on to open a small atelier in the famous French pottery town. Karen searches for the harmony in proportions, reflecting the beauty of simplistic shape and form.