Marc Chagall


Chagall Charlottenburg Lithograph

Marc Chagall Charlottenborg lithograph is an original lithographic poster printed by  L.R.S Permild & Rosengreen in 1975.

This lithograph is the original one, printed in 1957, not a later reprint or copy.

Year: 1975

Size: 60 x 42

Condition: Excellent

Reference: Cain, Julien, u. Mourlot, Fernand. Chagall Lithograph [I], André Sauret, Monte Carlo 1960, page 211, number 191, “Les Affiches de Chagall” (vol. 3; p. 63), 191 Sorlier

Printers: Mourlot

Published: Maeght

Chagall lived his final years in Saint Paul de Vence from 1966-1985, where he was constantly in motion on new projects, even up to the day he died at age 97 (his tomb can be found in the Saint Paul de Vence cemetery).   His works can be found up and down the coast …and sometimes crop up in surprising places, like at the winery Sainte Roseline where a Chagall mosaic covers a wall in the chapel, or in the back of L’Ane Rouge restaurant in the Nice Port, where you can find a red ceramic donkey, a gift to his stubborn red-haired mistress, Anne, who he nicknamed L’Ane Rouge.