Marc Chagall


Marc Chagall Bible, Verve 33-34 – Moses and the Tables of the Covenant , 1956

An original colour lithograph from Marc Chagall, an edition for the French publication “Verve” . This rare print features the text “A Paraitre en Novembre” and is a preview advertisement for Verve. Fewer editions of this version were printed.
Six colour lithograph
Edition: less than 500 ( there is a difference in opinion on the exact number)
Generally very good condition, there are some restored tears to the margin and a very slight visible fold.

Dimensions: 64 x 42 cm

Year: 1956

Catalogue raisonné: Mourlot, Fernand, Chagall Lithograph, 6 Bde., Monte Carlo 1960-86, I/114

Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was a French-Russian artist whose style prefigured the dreamscapes of Surrealism. Regarded by Picasso as a great artist who “understands what colour really is”, Chagall had a unique vision of beauty that remained faithful to the tradition of figurative art. In painting narrative or metaphoric scenes with a cast of recurring characters including the fiddler and the bride, he drew from his own personal mythology and merged it with stories he had inherited from oral legend.

Thanks to this inclusion of folk-history source material, as well as his generous use of colour, his art has a welcome feeling of homecoming and warmth. Blending the personal and universal in work that he called “the dream of not one people but of all humanity”, Chagall is widely loved.