Rhoko x Melissa Cromwell Ceramic Mirror


Ultramarine Ceramic Mirror

A beautiful decorative mirror created specially for Rhoko by Melissa Cromwell. It features recycled blue glass, which gives a vibrant shine like the skies of the Côte d’Azur. It’s shape and charm is reminiscent of 1950s Vallauris ceramics.

Encapsulated within the ceramic walls is a small vintage mirror. This wonderfully unique piece can be mounted onto a wall or used as a hand mirror.

Length: 23cm Width: 14cm Diameter: 1.5cm

Melissa A. Cromwell is an American ceramist whose work is an exploration of texture, surface and forms. Her work is heavily inspired by mid-century French design.

Before pursuing her solo career, Melissa worked for nine years as one of two potters in Jonathan Adler’s NYC ceramic studio. There, she created prototypes for sculptures, mirrors, lighting and home decor cast in ceramics, brass or lucite in workshops around the world.

Please note: due to the hand made charm of this object, sizes and glass texture may vary slightly.