Pablo Picasso


Picasso – Poteries de Picasso Lithograph

Picasso Pottery: a simple yet striking Picasso lithograph. The original poster deigned entirely by Picasso for an exhibition of his ceramics. Created for the exhibition in Maison de la Pensée Française, 1948/49. This is a wonderful example of Picasso’s playfulness in his art with the line drawing of an owl – a regular theme in his work, especially his ceramics which are particularly charming. Interestingly, Picasso was known to have taken in his friends’ pets and care for stray birds and animals. He was rather fond of owls, which seems to have been influenced by his love for classical themes.

The use of ‘line art” influenced largely by primitive art, shows a great mastery of drawing due to how expertly and seamlessly he manages to use so few lines to convey the idea of the animal.

Many of the lithographs designed for exhibitions can be quite difficult to obtain in near perfect condition, as they were used to advertise the exhibition – and at the time, not considered to be particularly valuable. Even in larger editions, it is unlikely that more than 100 will have survived and maybe even a handful in perfect condition. This has been stored away since it was printed in 1948 and is in impeccable condition for its age.

Edition: 750

Condition: Perfect – no tears, pinholes, marks or discolouration (which is really rather rare with this particular edition)

Year: 1948

Size: 67.5 x 48 cm

Printers: Mourlot Freres

Paper: Vellum 

Reference : Catalog raisonne Czwiklitzer #66