Rhoko x Aeand Studio | Brancusi


A collaboration with Aeand Studio, each screen-printed design is an homage to some of our favourite sculptors of the 20th Century. This design is influenced by our love of modernist sculptor: Constantin Brâncuși.

Constantin Brâncuși was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer considered a pioneer of modernism and one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century. Brancusi radically simplified figurative forms, composing works in bronze, marble, stone, and wood.

Each piece is screen printed by hand using plastic-free water-based inks and printed on strong and durable paper which is 100% cotton rag from recycled t-shirt offcuts. Aeand Studio prefers to work with a small independent business Khadi, established in 1980 who has been working with their Indian paper mill for over 20 years.

Size: 42 x 30 cm

Edition: 10

Printer: Aeand Studio