Sophie Alda Large Handle Vase



Sophie Alda Handle Vase

Sophie is renowned for her beautiful variations of a handle vase. This striking, sculptural vessel with a dappled brown base; contrasts beautifully against the deep ultramarine blue handles. Sophie designed this particular piece in London, and now lives and works in Bristol.

The base is finished with a matte glaze, giving it a mottled look and is reminiscent of an ancient pot. The large rounded handles in the matte, matisse blue compliment the raw, natural look of the body.

We like to add dried poppies heads to this particular piece.

Sophie is one of twelve members of Hackney’s renowned Clay Collective, a studio dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ceramics as a contemporary craft.

All items are handmade and may feature small inconsistencies which add to their charm.

Aprox – 33cm high, 17cm wide at handles